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Private Dining

We offer three private banquet rooms located at the south ends of the restaurant that can serve up to forty guest each. We also have our “Wine Room.” A private intimate dining area which can entertain up to sixteen guests. Each of our rooms can be reserved for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding rehearsal dinners, meetings, seminars, luncheons, or any other celebration of your choosing. To reserve these rooms it is a non-refundable, cash only deposit of $50, which will reserve your private access to the room for 3 hours. For any further questions or if you would like to book your next event with us, please call 225.570.2440, send us a message, or drop in. We look forward to serving you.

Banquet Room Guidelines

  • $50 Cash Non-Refundable Deposit for banquet room
  • Banquet rooms are first come first serve with paid deposits
  • We allow you 3 hours to host your party (a 30 minute decorating time prior to your party is available upon request in advance only)
  • There is a $25 charge for each additional hour your party may go over.
  • Additional hours may be purchased for your party with advance notice if available
  • There is no outside food or beverage allowed. Exceptions: cake & party favors.
  • Confetti along with anything placed or hanging on the walls is not allowed, if used there will me an additional $20 maintenance fee attached to hostess ticket.
  • There will be an 20% gratuity attached to each ticket in your party, you as the host are responsible for informing your guest of this charge. If your guest refuse to pay the gratuity it will be the responsibility of the host to cover that fee.
  • You as the host of the party are responsible to make sure every ticket is paid for if someone in your party walks out on their ticket we will be holding you responsible for the payment of their bill.